About the Financial Planning Standards Board | FPSB

FPSB envisions a future in which the public understands the importance and benefits of the financial planning process and how it can make their lives better; a future in which consumers can readily identify financial planners who have committed to competency and ethical standards and placing clients’ interests first; a future in which practitioners aspire to the highest levels of professionalism; and a future in which regulators, governments and other FPSB stakeholders around the world recognize financial planning as a distinct, valued professional practice.

FPSB’s Vision

To establish financial planning as a global profession and the CFP marks as the global symbol of excellence in financial planning.

FPSB’s Mission

To benefit the global community by establishing, upholding and promoting worldwide professional standards in financial planning. FPSB’s commitment to excellence is represented by the marks of professional distinction—CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark.


FPSB’s Strategy

FPSB has charted an ambitious course to build the financial planning profession around the world and benefit the public for generations to come. Learn about our LASER framework – Leadership, Awareness, Standards, Engagement and Recognition – for our strategic blueprint.

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FPSB Affiliate Organizations

FPSB accomplishes its mission in partnership with its Affiliates which include the world’s preeminent financial planning certification, membership and professional bodies.

Our Affiliates

FPSB’s Board of Directors

FPSB’s Board of Directors consists of up to eight voting directors and FPSB’s chief executive officer, a non-voting director, who meet in person and virtually to direct the affairs of FPSB and ensure that FPSB achieves its vision, mission and strategies.

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FPSB Council

The FPSB Council acts as an advisory and consultative body to FPSB’s Board of Directors and is made up of delegates from each of the organizational Affiliates of FPSB.

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FPSB Staff

FPSB’s professional staff supports the organization’s mission and vision, and works with the FPSB Board and affiliate organizations to develop professional standards for the global financial planning profession and promote CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification.

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FPSB’s History

From the idea of a professional practice called financial planning in the U.S. in the early 1970s, to the call for an independent organization to oversee CFP certification internationally in the late 1990s, the road to a global financial planning profession has had many twists and turns over the past five decades, and just as many dedicated travelers. FPSB’s creation in 2004 was a logical step in the evolution of financial planning and the CFP certification program.

Our Journey to a Global Financial Planning Profession